Creative Mojo........

The weather out here is is frightful but the fire is so delightful.......... Ooops! Someone already wrote that!

Since I have been snowed in 2 out of the last 3 days, I have been catching up on projects that have been mulling in my mind. First one is a simple neckwarmer for Honey...... 3-2 rib on a size 9 needle. It is made out of Shetland wool from Sheepie Neighbor's ewe Willow's yarn. It was incredibly soft -- beautiful gray color. And the best thing......... there is enough for a neckwarmer for me!!! Honey was actually concerned if it would be warm enough ---- it got 2 frozen thumbs up!!
Next project -- a felted case for my glasses. Hand-dyed sheet of felted fleece from my friend Abi -- I lined it. Did some embroidery and applique and tied everything together with buttonhole stitch.

And since my hands are soooo cold, my thoughts go to mittens and gloves. Lots of mittens and gloves. I had 12 linen napkins .... nice but boring! So the scraps and beads and embroidery floss came out and now 8 of my 12 boring napkins have warm hands!!!

All are different. Its been a lot of fun -- letting my creativity run wild. The napkin with the gold stars is one of my favorite. If you notice -- the cuffs are trimmed with gold and pearl beads.

So now comes the hard part.............. coming up with a tablecloth or place mats worthy of all my hard work!!! BUT .............. I think I might have an idea.

I need a day to get to the fabric store before the next snow storm!!!

Wishing you warm thoughts on a cold and windy night. Did that wish make you feel any better???? Me neither! Its -2 with a wind chill of -24. Only thing that would make me feel better would be in Miami!!!!!!


MaryContrary said…
Hello, there in Iowa, from an equally frozen Northwestern Indiana. The only good thing about the weather is that you have to do something inside since outside is sooo verry cold. That means more focus on embroidery, quilting, and crocheting and anything else I can take in hand.

Stay as warm as possible and safe.
girlwithasword said…
I love seeing the fantastic things you create! I have been pondering making some of those neckwarmers, they look pretty divine. I think I shall have to!!!

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