I am winner!!!

Ok -- I never win anything. Nothing. I mean, nothing without work or effort attached to it.

Of course, part of it is because I don't sign up for things. There may be a grand opening of a new store ......... I'll walk on by and wait until someone else wins that big screen tv. A blog give-away .......... I'll never leave a comment. I have been on our local gambling boats (boy, is that a misnomer!) ONCE! And that was to see Dr. Hook!!! (I've got a couple of years on you babe, that's all)

I am just not a signer-upper! So I was shocked when I won a 60 minute chakra massage.
So shocked that I questioned where in the heck did they get my name and email address. It took me a few days but then I remembered Leslie's blog about spas. Ah Ha!!! I did sign up!!

So ......... I get 60 minutes of absolute luxury at sometime in the future. That is when it gets difficult. Do I get a massage after unloading a 700 box load from a semi at my retail job? Or do I wait till spring when Greenhouse Gwen forces me into her plant-induced exercise program? Or
do I crawl into the spa after spending 12 hours in the early spring, trying to get the beds ready for transplanting 6000 annuals???

Decisions. Decisions.

There are a few other issues to consider. First -- this is a massage. A body massage. It is winter. I will have to take a blade to my legs and chop off the fuzzy stuff growing there!!! Without drawing so much blood that I need a transfusion!!! Hmmmm. Then there is the issue of my incredibly scaly skin. (yea ........ It's winter -- It's Iowa -- I'm old!!) Is there really that much lotion available to make my skin .........touchable????

Oh ........ it doesn't matter. Today. Cuz today.........I am a winner!!!!


BlueGate said…
Congratulations Clink! With all your hard work, you deserve it.
Can't help you with the furry legs, but for the scaly skin, try Prairieland Herbs' Body Butter following one of their salt or sugar scrubs. Just ask Maggie for recommendations, she'll set you up in fine style!
girlwithasword said…
Oh, my goodness, that sounds DIVINE!

Heck yeah, I'll set you up with a shaving bar AND some body butter if you like!

And might I suggest a salt scrub for your wintertime "spa at home"?

Send me your address and I'll pop a "pre-massage" care package in the mail.

Look, you're a winner TWICE now! :)
Oh! I couldn't be more thrilled that you won!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! The massage is AMAZING! You'll love it. And honestly, they were all so sweet at Salon Aria...no need to be intimidated in the least!

And look at these suggestions from BlueGate and girlwithasword...I think this calls for another "spa" article!!!


clink said…
Leslie -- I think you need to meet Maggie and her mom. There is an article in the making there!!! And if you haven't caught BlueGate's blog -- check out those awesome roasted root vegetables.

Maggie -- I'll drop you an email with my address. Thank you so much.

You guys are fantastic!!!
That's the wonderful thing ABOUT a massage -- you get slathered with oil or lotion! Poof! No more dry skin!

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