New York City??????

OK -- this is exciting news. Sort of. This humble little blog has been read in New York City. (Think Pace picante' sauce commercial.)

As I keep proclaiming to anyone that will listen, Miss Effie's Country Flowers and Garden Stuff has been certified by Animal Welfare Approved. For those of you who haven't turned off your computer yet........ that means I treat my "girls" with respect and humane treatment. They are fed and cared for humanely to produce the best quality eggs possible. Animal Welfare Approved certifies farms to encourage sustainable agricultural practices .... not confinement agriculture.

I know many caring farmers that raise animals in confinement situations with humane treatment. Those animals are their livelihood, and a caring farmer doesn't want to lose that investment because of neglect. So I will not enter that debate..........

So today -- I had an interview for an up-coming press release. And I discovered that they had been reading this little blog. In Brooklyn. Who knew???? Who knew that they knew where Iowa is????? I did have to explain the "QCA/joined by a river thing". But it is amazing ...... say "John Deere" and everyone gets it.

Now ...... I need to search for appealing chicken pictures. Glamour shots of the girls. Do you think the Blue Orpingtons will demand use of my winning charka massage????


BlueGate said…
Well now how cool is that??
melanie said…
Just as there is more to Iowa than corn, there is more to New York than New York City. You are read in UPSTATE New York as well!

We New Yorkers try to forget the scourge to the South (New York City) that drains our watersheds and pockets...but if they are reading about farming, I guess there is hope...

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