Orphans and Lists...............

The slow economy and the up-coming New Year's holiday has changed my work schedule a bit. I am off for several days ......... so its the perfect time for Honey and I to get projects done!

So out comes The List. I personally love lists. I like crossing things off as I go. Unfortunately, I don't stay incredibly focused! OK --- I don't focus well at all.

I'll be cleaning the cupboard, straightening away, washing shelves and suddenly!!!! 4 bags of chocolate chips appear.

I can't have 4 bags of chocolate chips. I must do something with them! I know, I will bake cookies!!! And suddenly, the kitchen that I was trying to deep-clean is filled with butter, sugar and flour. Not to mention 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I won't be scratching off "Start diet today!
So that goes hand-in-hand with the next problem. I think I must be a knitting gigolo. The project I love is the one that I am working on at this very moment. And socks ............. well, there have to be two socks to be useful. We have lots of orphan socks in this house!!

First of all -- the plaid socks for Honey. Seriously, what was I thinkin'????? I see a 1950's ad in a magazine and I say .......... Honey needs plaid socks! The gray, black and red yarns are lovely. The yellow (same brand, same yarn) not so much!! It splits -- it doesn't lie flat. It is .... in a very technical term ....... icky!!! I will make the other sock ......... sometime.

Addie's little rosebud socks. Cute Cute Cute. Except you can't see the rosebuds.
The pink is soooo soft -- it barely stands out. Does nicely on the heels and toes. So I am thinking that I should frog the project and buy a deeper pink yarn. Or make the other sock and knit another pair later. I so don't know. Decisions. Besides -- they are also made on size one needles ... Greenhouse Gwen says they look like glorified toothpicks. She is right.

I really can't use the "too tiny of needle" excuse. I knit 90% of my socks on size one needles.

And finally, the brown, tan, red and green pair. Neat yarn. Neat socks. Asked the LYS (knitter's lingo for local yarn shop) about how much yarn. Two skeins. Are you sure? Unless he wears size 13 shoes, then you should buy three. I debate and debate and buy two skeins cuz the return policy is 3 days. Hmmmm? Honey has ordinary feet. I need three skeins.

In their defense -- I knit my socks on size 1 needles. Why?? Cuz I can find them!!!

Well --- back to the list at hand -- its time to finish some socks. But there is good news. I can cross one thing off my list ................ Do new blog post.


BlueGate said…
That is the perfect description of how I work through my lists too. My attention span is just about long enough to...
Oh look, there goes a bunny!
Yep, just about that long. Welcome to the bunny club!
I'd get a lot more done if my list said, "No new blog post until this, this and this are finished"! Blogging and knitting are the bane and beauty of my existence - and my diet! One of the blogs I follow is called "Exercise Before Knitting." It is a worthy goal....
clink said…
You guys are too funny!! And I thought it was only me!!!

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