100 posts..............

Most people when they hit 100 blog posts, they do something big! Something spectacular! Something over the top!

Me ............ not so much.

I will discuss a struggle of my life........feeding Honey supper. Now I know that shouldn't seem like a big deal. And it is a far bigger deal for me than him. Honey will say ......... "I don't know. Something simple like.......... a burger".

In my perspective, a burger isn't necessarily simple. Cold cereal ....... now that's simple. A bowl, some Cheerios, skim milk and raisins. And a spoon. Got to have a spoon.

That was my go-to meal when I was single all those many decades!!! I've got to eat. Its 10 o'clock at night. But if I cook -- I have to clean up. Which is why single girls eat cereal! The Special-K diet was made up by a single girl -- 2 bowls of cereal a day...... lose weight and have limited dishes to do! What could be easier???

I usually do pretty good coming up with a supper plan. But this cold weather has frozen the brain cells and my creativity is at an all-time low. So thank God for my bloggin' friends!!!

Girlwithasword saved my butt last night. She mentioned having eggs and feta and cheddar scramble. Ah ha! An idea!!!! I have eggs (or at least I can squeeze some from a hen or two!!) -- I have homemade feta (not by me!) I have supper!

I roasted some summer squash, mushrooms, onions, garlic in a little bit of Greek seasoning. Tossed in some cherry tomatoes that were in the freezer -- threw on a few kalamata olives with some feta. Then scrambled a couple of eggs with a little more feta and voila! ........ supper appeared and Honey was well-fed.

So .......... any one???? What's for supper tonight???


girlwithasword said…
oh that is GORGEOUS!!! I am glad you enjoyed the eggs! That is one of our favorite "fast food" lunches around here. Or pasta and pesto - cook some pasta, add pesto from the freezer and a jar of home-canned tomatoes. heat together, top with a little fresh parm. cheese, and you've got lunch! Yummo!
My goodness; if that's how you guys feast when you have a brain-freeze and no creativity, I might as well give up and serve dirt!

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