Cold, not frigid!!!

I'm certain every blogger in the Midwest is showing pics of their thermometers. Well -- here is another. Yep -- it is 7:30 a.m on Jan 15th and here is the temp! Let's not talk wind chills.

I'm thinking I should have stowed away with my BIL and SIL when they left for Arizona!


BlueGate said…
yep, that's exactly what our said this morning too. It is just downright unpleasant! Looking forward to the weekend...30's here we come!
clink said…
I'll take 30 degrees! 2 layers of clothes instead of 7! How many pairs of socks does it take to keep your feet warm? I'm wearing two -- both hand-knits!!!! I'm still cold!
BlueGate said…
my best defense against cold feet (chronic problem for me) is the fabu felted slippers that Maggie made for me. Nothing beats 'em!
girlwithasword said…
awwwww...*Scuffs feet* I'm glad you like the slippers. I agree 100%! If i am home, they are on my feet!
I've been thinking about you!!! It's awfully cold...hoping the girls are okay!!

Good luck tomorrow morning...and have fun!!!
Dan Mays said…
You are right, Cathy. That temperature is only cold.

Now, my exwife, Attilla the Hen, (And boy ... did she lay some eggs.) WAS the definition of frigid!

clink said…
Girlwithasword........ I need that pattern!!

Leslie -- The girls are doing well -- I just can't get all the eggs before they freeze! If you are at the market - stop by and see me!

Ironbelly.... you have a blog!! Sort of. You need your own --- Guys, this man is a scream!! Plus one of the most smartest gardener I know. And a very good friend!

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