A corner of my own.............

Virginia Woolf said that all women should have a room of their own. I don't really have a room... I have corners.

I like cozy corners. Probably because I spent so much time in corners as a child! And I think all corners should have a place to sit. Probably because I spent so much time standing in the corners!

So at the top of the stairs is a small little corner. Doesn't hold too much........ but it does hold a little shelf on the wall. Honey and I re-fashioned this shelf out of two pieces of old fluted pine molding from an old house. A Re-Store store purchase. Two pieces of molding for a total of $10 and a little paint............ and elbow grease. (We stripped the molding first)

It needs a little more work ........ a hand-hooked rug for starters.... and another picture, though we know that is the easy part. But this little corner of the house........ has some neat little things. The small red basket holds my Aunt Kate's knitting needles. Aunt Kate died in the mid-60's at the age of 100 or so. She survived the Great San Francisco earthquake, started a couture sewing shop near Chicago, and had little or no use for some men!! And she didn't hold her tongue about it!

There is my niddy-noddy that I can never get the handle of!!! Beautifully simple out of walnut ....... it is un-marked but was bought in Rick Reeves country. So I just imagine that he made it.

There is the book that all knitters should read ........ No Idle Hands. It is the social history of knitting in America. There is also my first ball of hand-spun......... yea, it will stay there. Yuck!!! How bad can your first ball be???? Well -- mine was pretty durn bad! The next skein I did was good enough to make a clip-on dreadlock ponytail for Honey. It was that bad and that was an improvement!

But it is a corner to wind my yarn and sit and relax for a moment. The little chair was from an aunt -- the seat was an Erica Wilson embroider kit from the 60's! It had a price tag of $2.98 on it!! My college roommate found the kit in her mother's stuff and knew that I would work it up. I love it! With the squirrel and flowers and butterflies ........ its perfect for a flower farmer's corner.

So occasionally, you may find me in my corner of the world -- reading a pattern, darning a pair of hand-knit socks. But I'll be sitting ......... not standing with my nose to the wall!!!


BlueGate said…
Absolutely charming! And I love the skeined yarn display rack! Hope 'Clink's Corner' is as cozy as it looks : )
clink said…
Thanks Jill! That's all handspun. I really don't have a lot cuz I knit it up as fast as I spin.

Which lately ....... hasn't been too much.
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who hasn't had time to spin lately!

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