Der Vinoschnarfers!

This group of elegant people are Der Vinoschnarfers!!!! Ok -- maybe we aren't that elegant. But we have a lot of fun!!

Saturday -- we hiked our way through the cold and snow to go to a wine tasting at the River Music Experience. We were hoping to drink a lot of wine. Evidently, so were the other 400 people that were there. Unfortunately, the venue planned for 200 people to be drinking wine.

I don't understand how they could not know we were coming??? We bought our tickets early. They had our names -- heck, most the wine vendors knew us!!! We are the Der Vinoschnarfers! The name says it all!! And our motto .......... No wine will be left behind!!!!

Well ........... that was true. We didn't leave until everything was gone. Of course, that was an hour and a half after the doors opened. But we hadn't schnarfed down nearly enough wine.

There was wonderful music.

But next time, we will stay home, eat our own wonderful snacks and food and drink better wine!!!! And a heck of a lot more of it!!!


Corinne R. said…
That's a sad story miss Effie (sniff).
clink said…
I was difficult. We arrived with the hopes of lots of wine and those hopes were dashed. As was Doug's goal to be the first ones kicked out of the RME!!!

That was probably a good thing!

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