Dyeing to play with fiber..........

I taught a small group of home-schoolers the other day. They have taken up knitting as a project and wanted the experience of spinning and dyeing yarn. So ..... I was lucky enough to get to take on the task!

We started by learning about fiber ....... angora, alpaca, Shetland and Lincoln. They got to feel and touch and smell .............. just like I do when I am surrounded by great fleece and yarn.

We then went to my simple little wheel. I love my Kiwi! I have test-driven many wheels ...... I really would like a "sexier" wheel .......... but right now, for the money, I can't beat my Kiwi. Spins like a top. Does what I need it to do. But I sure would like a Reeves!!!!!!!

So everyone got a spin on the wheel. The first time you sit at a wheel -- its like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time! You are trying to treadle slowly and draft the fiber and keep the wheel moving and feed the fiber to the bobbin. Yea............ sounds easy, doesn't it? Not so much!!!!

Jess did an awesome job! She is hooked. We have a new spinner in our midst. I'm thinking her mother found the perfect Christmas present for her.

Blake also tried his hand on the wheel. He could develop the rhythm, given a little practice time.

We then dyed wool yarn with kool-aid. Great project. Very safe and very color-fast. We got some vibrant colors. We used the microwave method. But in the summer, I think using large glass jars could be a lot of fun. I'll be doing a re-play of this class in the corn-zebo come June!

Luke was mixing his green kool-aid with water and vinegar to great a dark green.
Luke was very good on the spinning wheel. Why can kids learn so quickly? That eye-hand coordination comes so naturally for them. And -- if you have had trouble learning how to spin -- let me make you feel even worse! Luke is 8 and in the 2nd grade!!

Amanda (on the left) is the knitter of the bunch. I hope she will take me up on my offer and come out and knit with me. She loved the palindrome scarf -- I think it would make a great 4-H project for her. And they have the hat to go with it. Perfect for a first year knitting project!

It was a wonderful day -- I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. So ...... if any home-school or 4-H group want to spend 3 hours playing with fiber with me............. drop me a line.

I'm game!


girlwithasword said…
looks like you had a great bunch - isn't it fun to PLAY!!! :)
hiccupp said…
I'm uh...*cough* homeschooled. Yeah, that's it. And so is Corinne I think. I think we need to have a *cough* homeschool lesson. mhmmm!

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