I want a pastrami on rye!!

The adventures of Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day continue. Today ..... I baked the deli rye.

This is the 4th or 5th bread that I have baked out of the book. The spinach and feta is awesome! And I love the master recipe. I wasn't totally thrilled with the European Peasant bread -- but I was just getting my ABin5 legs!!!

This book is a must have for anyone that wants to bake bread on a regular basis. If you want some dinner rolls for a special event -- stick with Betty Crocker. But if you want great bread at home on a daily basis .......... and still want to have a life ........ buy the book!!! In the last 18 months, we have bought one loaf of bread at the store and a few more than that at the market...... this is making baking soooo easy. If Zoe and Jeff ever create a fan club, I'll be their first groupie!!!

Greenhouse Gwen regularly sells the Potato & Roasted Garlic bread at the market. She also sells the Vermont Cheese bread -- which isn't Vermont Cheese cuz we're in Iowa and all about local! I think it needs a little more cheese. But the Potato & Roasted Garlic with some butternut squash soup .........yum!

The rye has lots of caraway seeds in it and on it. And unlike the master recipe where you sprinkle flour over the top prior to slashing it, the deli rye uses a cornstarch wash over the top. I have never used anything like this in the past and I am anxious to try the bread.

But they say to let the bread cool ............. which is why I am up here blogging away! Warm bread. How do you let it cool without a slice or two missing??


BlueGate said…
Yum-O! Looks delicious!
I blew a loaf, just the basic recipe with some whole wheat today. Set it to raise in the sunroom and forgot about it. Needless to say we are having some tasty flatbread for supper : )

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