Observations on the number of hours in a day!

OK -- I went to Retail-Hell today. I am waiting on a woman that is buying olive oil and a "dipping set" to serve at a party. She stated that she needed to find some good bread.

Ah ha! It's Saturday morning and the market is open. I have the perfect answer....... Greenhouse Gwen makes great ciabatta......... perfect for dipping. So I was telling her about the 30-plus loaves of bread that Greenhouse Gwen bakes on Friday. And I quote ...... "She has too much time on her hands."

(OK -- most of you know, its time to take cover!) And I say, "No, she makes very good use of the time that she has".

So ....... here is my question......... if baking 30 loaves of bread is a waste of time, what would be a productive use of time management skills?

We know its not knitting socks cuz I've been told that before. Ditto the canning of 700 jars of produce. Making your own pizza -- not so much! And we don't talk about making cheese.

Now, being a mall rat --- that must count as productive. And manicures, pedicures and hours in a salon ....... that's productive. Weeding for hours in the garden -- very low on the productive scale.

I resent the honest labor of our ancestors being a "waste of time". Yes -- I realize that most of my endeavors are for personal satisfaction and pride, not absolute necessity. But I can do it -- and I'm pretty certain the woman I spoke to never held a raw fleece in her hands ........EVER! Let alone scoop poop from the coop! (I've been waiting to type that little bit of alliteration for ages!!!)

I get it from co-workers (Do you need Pizza Hut's phone number?) I get it from family (You know, they sell socks in a store.) But the last time I looked -- my clock had 24 hours on it -- the same as theirs.

So the next time, you want to tell me that I have too much time on my hands........ let me remind you that I do this out of respect and with the knowledge handed down from our elders. After all -- we ain't much more than a generation away from the outhouse!


melanie said…
Atta girl! I agree completely.
BlueGate said…
You go girlwe're right there with you! And when you're done with that box you could turn it over and put your handmade soap in it, just to spite 'em!
: )
Claire said…
I'm so with you on this. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Ummm...you know you can buy tomatoes in the grocery store, right?"

Just makes me want to stuff one of my tomatoes in their mouth to make them shut up and have an Ah-hah moment all at once. Grocery store tomatoes do not taste like my tomatoes!
clink said…
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sometimes I feel all alone in my beliefs. Its good to have company.

Jill -- I'll let Maggie and my friend Bubbles fill the soapbox! But if they need any flowers??????

Claire -- You mean those hard-red, tasteless things in the grocery store are tomatoes??? Pathetic. I'll can tomatoes to my dieing day to keep from buying crap like that!
hiccupp said…
oh...I feel your pain. I work in a grocery store bakery. I cannot FATHOM why people would spend the money to buy half of the stuff we sell.

People always comment "oh it must be so tempting working there!" mmm...no.

Not that there's anything wrong with it, but half of it is brought in frozen, or in buckets, or pre-made, and it just DOES NOT compare to *real* baked stuff. (coughcoughsheepieneighbor'scookiescoughcough)

But people don't want to spend the time....so they'll spend $5 on a square of heavy, oily, disgustingly sweet brownies...
clink said…
Hiccupp........ Ya had to go and mention Sheepie Neighbor's cookies. Which of course, leads me to salted nut rolls.

I've been trying to save a couple that were gifted to me at Christmas. After all, its a long time till she makes more for market!!!

I don't get the "baking" stuff either ... Seriously, slice and bake is not considered baking!

But what do I know???

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