Road to Self-Sufficiency........

Honey and I have worked hard to become more self-sufficient all the time. It may not be "cool". It may not be "hip". And Lord knows, my mother refuses to "get it". After all, why preserve home-grown produce when there is a grocery store down the road???? Let's not even talk about "growing" the produce!

But that's not who I am, so I will continue on my little quest of being able to take care of myself.

Honey is good with a hammer and a screwdriver. He can fix almost anything built before the time of the micro-chip. After that, it gets pretty tough .............. Fortunately, we don't have lot of things with "micro-chips". And if my washer goes out again -- there is always the Voss wringer and the clothesline!

Me -- I am very domestic person. I sew. I knit. I spin. I can and freeze and make jelly. I love my girls that lay the pretty eggs and I marvel in the absolute beauty of heirloom tomatoes. I drool over seed catalogs like a buyer for Macy's drools over the spring fashion show in Paris. Just too much to buy!!!!

After Honey's heart episode (he calls it a little "episode". His cardiologist doesn't agree with that!) I started baking all of our bread. I can lower the sodium content since I am not adding preservatives so it can live in the bread box for a week. Of course, fresh homemade bread doesn't have a chance in this house. Its lucky to see nightfall!!!!

But my real step to self-sufficiency has got to be cheese-making. I need to conquer cheese-making. Some people want to lose 40 pounds, save money, get fit, remember important dates. My New Year's resolution --- homemade mozzarella --- made in my kitchen -- by me.

I have attempted to make mozzarella before. The result was a paste-y, grayish ball resembling a large ball of Elmer's glue. And it tasted about as good. Hmmmmm?

So I live in envy of you that blog about your cheese-making experiences. I google for tips and recipes. I lust over cultures and beautiful silky curds. And I hope ---- one day ---- the Cheese Gods will look down on me with pity and send me the perfect recipe, thermometer and technique.

When they do -- I hope its for gorgonzola!


girlwithasword said…
We shall have to inspire each other to keep going. I can do mozzarella that's pretty good - but not great, not yet. Some soft cheese, yep. easy. especially if you add lots of herbs. But I haven't gotten braver than that yet. I must say though, if you eat sour cream - you MUST make your own. I love love love LOVE homemade sour cream and it is incredibly easy to make. You will feel like a culinary genius!
BlueGate said…
Don't give up...cheese occasionally fails (especially mozz.). Try something different. Everyone has their favorite cheese-making book, mine is "Goats Produce Too!" by Mary Jane Toth. I've made mozzarella, feta, chevre and ricotta from recipes in the book and had great success with them. All except that little encounter with the mozzarella "crayons"...but we don't talk about that one.
girlwithasword said…
all right, Jill, Now you have to tell us about the crayons!!! I only have access to cow's milk - will that book you mentioned work for cow's milk cheese, or just goat?
clink said…
You guys are making it worse. I love fresh feta!!!!

I'm getting the book -- I need it. After all --Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day -- has changed my life. What would a good cheese book do??? I could conquer the world .... well, at least Donahue.

And I want to hear about the crayons!!

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