A Special Day for a Special Guy!

Today is Honey's birthday. This letter is to him.

Dear Honey........

"Thank you" seems so trivial for all you have given me. I say "thank you" when someone holds a door open for me or when the waitress fills my water glass. But I have no other words, so bear with me.

Thank you for welcoming me into your home and making it "ours."

Thank you for proving Eldest Daughter right. Not all men are toads.

Thank you for loving me even though I have gray hair, crows feet around my eyes and the formerly-perky parts of my body have taken a trip South.

Thank you for teaching me about check-wire, dimensional tolerances and difference between a JD-G and a JD-GP.

Thank you for eating polenta, goat cheese, couscous and dilly beans.

Thank you for rubbing my back, building a fire and keeping me warm when I feel pooohey!

Thank you for letting me have chickens, teaching our ducks tricks and crying with me when we lost Walter.

Thank you for loving me when I drink too much, laugh too loud and generally, just embarrass the hell out of a lesser man!

Thank you for listening to me when I said, "Let's go to the doctor."

Thank you for dancing with me when the "Powdered Milk Biscuits" song comes on the Prairie Home Companion.

Thank you for letting me drag you to ...... just one more!!.........political event.

Thank you for being the best roadie a girl could ever have.

And most of all............ thank you for loving me with all your heart and spending your birthday with me.

I love you forever and a day


girlwithasword said…

Corinne R. said…
Uber adorable....you forgot to say Uber adorable :D.
clink said…
Yea .... I blew that. I forgot to say he turns up the music during CSI-New York so I can hear Babba O'Reilly from anywhere in the house.

He is definitely uber adorable.
hiccupp said…
Happy Birthday Mr. Effie! (ok, calling him honey just felt weird...) ;)

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