This and that!

Well -- there have been a few things accomplished here at Miss Effie's. Damn few ..... but you take what you can get in January!

First of all, lets give props to Honey. He has had two projects going. That would be multi-tasking and Lord knows, he doesn't multi-task like he used to!! Oh .... that would be me.

Ok -- above is the rocker from Honey's curbside shopping spree. It is cleaned, repaired and re-glued. It didn't need to be stripped .... most of the finish was already off and the rest came off with a scrubbing. We originally thought it was oak ........ but after cleaning, it really looks like walnut. Seems a little light weight for walnut but it is very dry. Honey will do some stain testing in the next few days. I'll keep you posted.

Then the bathroom project continues. We needed to re-do the bath. We needed a new tub, a new shower, a new vanity, a new floor. Average cost of a bathroom remodel ......... around $20,000. HA! I don't have $20,000!!! So after convincing myself that I wasn't crazy...... I set a goal.

I would do the bathroom for $1500. Yep. That's right $1500. Now it has taken longer than we had hoped. Life, the gardens, the business, Honey's health issues have interferred with progress. We have had a functioning bathroom ... just not a completed bathroom.

The biggest project yet to do has been the shower walls. The last two years we have been bathing, not showering. We are ready for a shower!!! As many of you know....... ceramic tile is not cheap. But patience is a virtue (so they say!!!) and we got lucky ...... again.

Greenhouse Gwen somehow ended up with all sorts of bits and pieces of ceramic tile. And in the mix of pieces was some 6x6 matte white ceramic wall tile. Enough to do the shower........twice. Which is a really good thing cuz in cutting it ....... Honey is experiencing a bit of a learning curve. Actually -- he is doing great. Right now .... he has two walls of ceramic up and is doing all the major cuts for the wall with the shower valve..... @ the tricky wall!

Fortunately, our neighbor is a carpet installer with a wet saw. And we have a blade on our garden tractor for snow. Hmmmm. Funny how things work out!!!

So I'm thinkin' by the end of next week ......... we will have shower! And the cost...... a 6-pack of Left Hand Brewery Milk Stout for the ceramic. Plowing some snow for wet-saw rental! Right with in my budget!!!

Now ..... I have a few FO's. Couple of little things.

First .... I finished Honey's Christmas socks. I love these! Red, green, tan and brown. I wish I had bought a solid to do the heels and toes. But there is always another pair to do. So maybe next time.

And then there was the rest of the yarn from Sheepie Neighbor. Willow's beautiful warm fleece. Not enough for a hat or scarf ... so I made a neck warmer for myself. And I did it Palindrome style.... reversible cables. So I can roll-it down turtleneck style and stay cozy warm and fashionable!! Wait. Fashionable and me ......... there are two words that should not be in the same sentence!! But I digress!

And the final finished project. Another pair of Fetching mitts! Six hours! I made them in six hours .... from start to finish. If you are making these in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran ..... buy two skeins. Now ... I did these with one skein. But....... I went down a size in needles and I have hands that are smaller than most 5th graders. For an average person -- there is no way that one skein works.
One more pair of these to go......... and I will be done with the mitts for the year. But I love wearing these and what a quick easy knit!!

Well -- that's what is new at Miss Effie's home place. And yes...... I will post the recipe for the lentil salad. I wish I had taken a pic....... but it is really yummy and healthy so is a pic even necessary???

Talk to you all later.


girlwithasword said…
I HAVE to do those mitts, AND the neckwarmer. Yes, HAVE to!!! And yay you for the fantastic bathroom re-do! i find that if you are patient you can always get great stuff for free or really cheap. the patience is the hard part isn't it????
clink said…
You betcha! I did get a 7' French door for my barn/shop/fiber room FREE off Freecycle. Well over $1000 door for NOTHING!!

I got the Jacuzzi in the bath for $100. New -- had a chip. I can live with it.

Collected stuff for about year b/4 we started the project.

Got to love it.

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