White House Farmer

Ok -- this is another reason I love our new President! He wants a White House farmer.
So vote for your choice. I actually knew of several of the nominees .......... besides Alice Waters and Eliot Coleman!!!

Voting closes on Saturday -- Jan. 31. Hook the link to your blog and let's show the country that sustainable local food is in reach of everyone!!!

I've already voted ........have you?


This is wonderful! I linked it to my blog!! Thanks for sharing!

Where was your name???????
BlueGate said…
You know I looked for "Miss Effie" on that list too...couldn't find it so voted for someone else I know : )
clink said…
Uhhh, yea guys! Not so much. I want to know where you were Miss BlueGate??? After seeing those beautiful salad greens you grow, I'm thinking they would rock the White House!

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