A duck's tale...........

I know, you have heard my stories about Walter many times. But Walter was (as our friend David said) a very special duck.

I knew he was special to us. His funny way of bending down so I could pick him up and hug him. The way he would follow me around the garden, waiting for a grub to be tossed his way. The fact that he insisted on laying eggs!!! Who knew a duck named Walter would lay eggs????

But I love it when I find out that Walter made an impression on others.

Last night, I was working at Retail-Hell. (For the record, I really do like my job ...... I just wish I could sell enough flowers, veggies, jams and eggs so I could quit.) A woman walked up to the windows of the store, saw me and waved. She quickly turned back to her car, grabbed a package and came into the store.

She had been to the farm this summer. Walter was in fine form -- following me around -- being the "star" that he was. When I called him -- he came running and quacking as quickly as he could.

She told me about the Pembroke Ducks of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Every morning, the ducks march into the lobby -- hop in the fountain and spend the day, splashing and diving and swimming. In the evening, they hop out and march their way out of the lobby.

I had never heard the story. And she told me about a children's book that she uses in school.....John Philip Duck by Patricia Polacco. It sounded delightful and I re-told the conversation to Honey but never got around to buying the book.

Last night -- she gifted the book to me. How absolutely delightful! Addie and I will have a wonderful time reading it. Of course, I may just wear it out on my own!


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