History is made!

YEA!!! It is here!!! Strike up the band!! Alert the media!! I have now entered the 21st century!

I did it .... kicking and screaming a bit. But I figured ..... I blog, I Twitter, I love Pandora.... I even Facebook. Its time to have a website.

So this is it............www.misseffiesflowers.com Bookmark it and visit it often. I can use the company.

I'll be tweaking and changing things in the next few weeks ..... but its here.

Who knows, I may get a cell phone yet!!!


Claire said…
Wow. I feel very technologically stunted. I only blog. I don't facebook or twitter or pandora. I do have a cell phone. It rings about once a month. Usually it's Kelly in the grocery store and he's forgotten what he's supposed to be buying.

But I did upload a video to YouTube today. Does that count?
Ann said…
The new website is beautiful! Bravo!
Wow, Claire has one up on me; I haven't uploaded a video to YouTube yet! I just don't have enough time in my life for more technology. I joined Ravelry, but haven't really done a thing there. I'd rather visit interesting blogs like yours and converse with my blogpals and others, mostly via email.
clink said…
Thanks!! It was a long day of pulling my very short gray hair out!!

This stuff is so hard for me. But I need to know how to do it cuz I can't pay anyone to do it for me!!!

Yes....Claire... YouTube counts.

Michelle -- I never check my Ravelry account. Three months later I find messages! Oh well!
BlueGate said…
Congrats on the new website...I love the pic of the barn seen through the lillies, lovely!
Corinne R. said…
Wait, what? You are on facebook? I must friend you right away...cause, yeah, we just don't talk enough!
Deborah said…
I'm on Facebook too! Friend me -- Deborah Niemann-Boehle. I'm easy to find since there's only one person with such a distinctive name.

I think we're following each other on Twitter, but just in case we're not, I'm antiquityoaks.

I don't know what Ravelry is -- yikes! Better get on top of that!
girlwithasword said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) It's beautiful!
clink said…
Ya know -- I think am rebelling against the "senior citizen title" by trying to cram everything new in my brain that I can!

I'll accept the wrinkles, the gray hair but the AARP card can taking a flyin' leap!!!!

See you guys on Facebook!
melanie said…
Bravo! Very nice website!

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