Hot Date with Chuck........

Today, I picked up Chuck. Chuck is a rare find. Chuck has well-done shoulders and a prime rump. This is someone that I am steaking a claim to!! I'm certain when we are out in the corn-zebo this summer ......... Chuck will be smokin'!! I was ooohing and aaahing and drooling as I winked and picked up Chuck.

Hey! Don't judge me! I am a happily married woman that only gets to pick up dirty socks!

No ...... all the bad puns aside........ I drove to Galesburg to pick-up our quarter of beef. Having a freezer full of quality beef is one of the true delights of our life. And all apologies to Hy-Vee ..... but your steaks just don't cut it!

Fortunately, I have a couple of great sources for beef. My favorite is from my favorite relative, cousin Marcia. Marcia raises purebred Angus beef and researches the genetics for the tastiest beef she can offer.

Another delight was that a dear college friend and pledge sister at 4-H House owns the processing plant ........ Thrushwood Farms. Kae taught me how to make grasshoppers (remember that?) and pie crusts. And I could use another lesson on pie crusts!!!!
Kae and her husband Jim have been operating this business for 30 years. All three of their sons have worked in the family business and their dedication to quality shows. They were swamped with customers when I was there but somehow, I just got a picture with no people!! Go figure that one!

They recently did a massive addition to the retail area. This is classy and smart and great eye-candy for any serious cook. The selection of marinating sauces, BBQ sauces and hot sauces was mind-boggling! Plus these wonderful Traeger grills ........... I really wish the economy was better!!! But all seriousness aside.............. hey, look at this art work!!!!The trip down took all of 14 cuts from the ABBA greatest hits CD. Very do-able from the QCA!! And a good localvore will drive about anywhere to get good healthy safe food.

So tonight -- I'll be eyeing Chuck and going ...................yummmmmmm!


Farm-Raised said…
What a fun foodie adventure!!

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