I can see clearly now............

OK -- After months of taking off my glasses to read, to sew, to knit, to look at dollar bills at work........ I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor. I couldn't get the book closer than my nose!!!

Such a struggle! First of all, the vision insurance that we have is a joke. It is fine if you can quickly run into a one-hour vision clinic and get a pair of glasses. Unfortunately, I can't.....

So .... it takes an hour exam. Better or worse? First one or second one? This one or that one? At this point, the astigmatism in my eyes is bouncing around everywhere! I am so confused! I just don't know!!!!

Ahh!! I can read the bottom line. A E J V B 7 Z Victory at last!!

Except ........ now it is time to pick out glasses. Which wouldn't be so bad but I have to take off my glasses to try the new ones one........... and I can't see. How close can I hold the mirror???

Fortunately, this time, a very nice gal helped. "No, not those". "Those are pretty good" "That's it!" So I trusted her and ordered the glasses.

Then we get into the issue of my current glasses. They are scratched. Extremely scratched. And they had the "scratch-resistant" coating on them. Now, I appear to be a very sedate little old lady. Why would my glasses be so scratched? And I try to explain to her what I do.

Well, I wrangle chickens so little kids can hold them ........daily. Several times a day. And many different chickens (cuz you know, that wasn't the right hen!) And I can't count the number of times my glasses have gone flying! Then there is mowing and hitting branches as I go under trees. And then there is the sweat in my eyes from weeding .......... and I grab the tail of my t-shirt and wipe the dirt and grime off the lens. And that doesn't count -- my natural ability to be clumsy!!!

She looks at me and says ...........oh.

So we write the paperwork up and order the glasses.

Until I fainted with the price. Whoa! See or eat? See or eat?? First one or second one? Well, I need to lose my winter hibernation weight anyway. Carrots are cheap. Honey won't mind oatmeal every night for supper.


hiccupp said…
oh I feel ya. I have this wonky pair of glasses that I've had for a couple of years now. They don't really fit, and they're too loose, and I hate them. I have a new shiny pair alllll picked out.

...just need to scrounge up the cash :p those babies ain't cheap.

So I try to alternate my contacts, with my wretched glasses until I get there.

btw, yours? VERY cute!
Hiccupp, we don't know if those glasses are cute unless we see them ON Clink! PHOto, PHOto . . . come on, everyone, join me in the chant! (And tell me how to lose this weight I keep gaining since Christmas. ACK!)
girlwithasword said…
Um, Clink? did just just refer to yourself as a little old lady? UM,.......HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think not.....
Claire said…
Oh my, I know exactly what you mean about getting glasses scratched. I am fortunate to have a flexible health spending account through work. I put a certain amount in it, and if I don't use that through the year on prescriptions or doc visits, then I can get a pair of glasses. Yay! This year I got new prescription sunglasses. They still cost an arm and a leg. The astigmatism is just the pits, I hear you on that.
clink said…
Maggie -- That would be a "sedate little old lady"!

They say you can grow up or grow old .............I've done neither!!!

We'll do pic later, Michelle!
Corinne R. said…
Girlwithasword makes a good point, but the 'SEDATE' part is what really made me bust a gut.

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