Oh Dung!

I'm reading the morning paper and I run across this story. First thing I think---"Boy, I am glad that professor isn't Honey!" I would have been in court many a time!

Have you ever noticed that husbands collect a lot of dung?

When I first moved in with Honey (yes, we lived together 3 years. We have been married almost 10. Get over it!) he had a sleeping bag for a bedspread. First thing I think about is how to get rid of that dung-y bedspread! Now it took almost a gallon of bleach .... but I did destroy it in the wash! First time through, too.

Men save all kinds of dung. I went through "the drawer" ...... the sacred place where all things important live. I find dung every where! Losing lottery tickets. Receipts for nuts and bolts. Old - old - old bank statements. The bank has been sold 4 times --- they are 20+ years old. And all I want to know is why do men keep this dung????

Women have dung .... but it is good dung. Sentimental dung. Tickets stubs from movies. Old dresses from prom. Knitters keep lots of fiber-y dung.

But there are times that husbands' dung does become useful. Honey filled a coffee can with popsicle sticks. 534 popsicle sticks. I say, "What is this dung?" He informs me that those popsicle sticks can be useful........ and they have been. But its still dung!

So there is the lesson of life. There is good dung and junk dung. It is all in the eyes of the beholder. And some may be worth more than $750!!!!


honey said…
Like George Carlin said (sort of) "Did you ever notice how other peoples' stuff is dung but your dung is stuff?"
Carol said…
Just try packing up your "dung" sometime! It isn't easy or quick! By the way, a comment on a couple of recipes you passed on - the pumpkin oatmeal cookies are great and so is the shoulder roast. We have tried and loved them both.

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