Sharin' your love........ part 2!!

As I said before, I was spending my Saturday morning at the Freight House Farmers Market -- collecting donations and canned goods for our local food pantry. It was a cold and somewhat snowy morning, so I armed myself with a large coffee and mainlined some caffeine. I grabbed a raspberry roll from Greenhouse Gwen and was ready to collect box after box of groceries. My friend and market president said .......... Miss Effie, you are going in the closet! And you can come out of the closet when it is full!

The goal was to raise awareness for the need that exists in the QCA and help the pantry provide healthy, fresh, local foods that aren't easily available. And boy, did you come through!!! You put me through my paces and I thank you over and over again!!

We raised over $850 in funds! $850!! That will be used to buy gift certificates to the market. The pantry will then purchase produce and meat and eggs as needed from our local vendors. If they are over-stocked with oranges but need apples ........ they will have the funds to purchase them.

What a win-win situation. The pantry gets good quality produce, meat and eggs. Our local farmers make sales and continue to farm. And the consumer gets healthy food to fight obesity, heart disease and diabetes. And you did it!!!

Some of our wonderful consumers brought box after box of goods. Some ........ bought potatoes and apples and squash from the vendors. And notice .......... there are eggs. Fresh, local eggs. A gal gave me a dozen eggs and said "Everyone should know the taste of really fresh eggs"

Well, Sister............ you are preaching to the choir!!!

So thank you for the canned goods. Thank you for the generous donations. Thank you for forwarding my emails and reading the blog. Thank you for the hugs -- the hellos --- the valentine's day greetings.

And Grace....... Miss Effie loves her valentine. It is on my refrigerator and it is soooo special to me.

Thank you, my dear market friends, for letting me be part of such a special day. We are a family market. We are community. And we are responsible for caring for those less-fortunate. You, my friends, gave me a thousand blessings today.

I thank you.
Miss Effie


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