Tree of Happiness award.............

Hey! I won a blog award! I know........ it came as a shock to me too! I'm not too "blog-savvy" so I'm not sure where to put it or what to do.................. but here we go!

Jill at Beyond the Blue Gate tagged me with this award. Why?? Because and I quote---"Miss Effie's Diary because Cathy is one crazy, creative woman who knows her own mind." Hmmmm? I met Jill once and she has got me pegged!!! Hey Jill, wanna be my therapist????? Anyone that gets my personality that fast should have the job!!! As far as knowing my own mind -- I think that comes with my AARP card!

So with this prestigious award, I am to list 6 things that make me happy. Six ..... only 6??? Ok -- Here I go..............

1) Honey. Honey always makes me happy.

2) My friends. New friends, old friends. Just friends that make me laugh. Friends that accept my outrageous behavior and still love me.

3) I am happy starting my day by walking through the gardens, coffee in hand, looking at the flowers. People ask me if my house is filled with cutflowers. No ........... I enjoy each and everyone of them at 6 a.m. After that -- they don't need to fill my house. They have already filled my soul.

4) My pantry. I know its silly -- but I am happy looking at the sparkling jars of peaches, plums, green beans, cherries and most of all, tomatoes. I organize them all so the colors look nice on the shelf.......... and I stand back and smile.

5) Sharing my "pretty eggs from pretty chickens". I love it when someone tells me how good the eggs are! I love it when someone comments on the beauty of the eggs. Yea -- they really are the "incredible edible eggs".

6) Ending my day on the hill. On the hill, just north of the house, Honey and I will sit with a beer in hand and let the end of the day go by. We will see the lights of the ball field --14 miles away. We will hear the whistle of the train and sometimes -- if it is still enough -- feel the rumble of the freights cars through the soil ......... and its 8 miles away. We will over look the soybeans and watch the fireflies light up the darkness. At that very moment -- you know exactly how very blessed you are.

Ok -- I need to tag a couple of blogs that make me happy.

First, I have to tag Sheepie Neighbor. She always always makes me laugh! Besides, she introduced me to the world of bloggin'

Then a wonderful food-family blog. Leslie is funny and sweet and very "green" and a fantastic mother. And a wonderful citizen in the world.

And finally, for a look somewhere outside of Iowa, lets go to Hungary and Carol. What courage! Pack up your live and move to a totally new culture to serve others.

There are others .............. but some, like Girlwithasword has already been tagged. But Maggie is who I wish I had the courage to have been --30 years ago! You go, Girl!!!! You are such an inspiration!

So ..... tag! You are it.


BlueGate said…
hee hee, you know its funny what you can learn about someone through their blog : )

And in my new role as your therapist my official advice is "keep it up, you're great!"
hiccupp said…
I think I need a hill...reading that made me happy
Carol said…
Ok, Clink - you almost made me cry when you talked about walking in your garden and standing on the hill. It isn't fair to do that when I am so far away. I miss it and yet....
I'm a less savvy blogger than you because I don't know what it means to be tagged. What am I supposed to do?

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