Bits of Radish........

If you haven't explored my friend Leslie's blog ..... you should. Two fun stories from the recent issue of the Radish Magazine.

First one -- "Carrots before Karats .... A Farmers Love Story" is about online dating for farmers. Oh -- you notice a familiar name?? Yep -- my dating life from .... long time ago!!

And the next one "How to be a Frugalista -- a frugal fashion story" features my good friend Greenhouse Gwen's lovely daughter Alexa. Alexa is smart, funny, hard-working and very level-headed. Makes you proud to know her.

So admire Alexa's sensibility and know that you can find love without a bushel of tomatoes. Of course, Honey did buy me a bushel of green beans for my birthday the first year we were together!!!


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