Blogging, Barn Quilts and Back Pain!!

I seriously love blogging! I am certain it is because I was a frustrated writer in a previous life! But I enjoy expressing my thoughts and views (probably too loud, too strong and too opinionated -- but that is me! And the major reason of my mother's disappointment!!!)

I didn't paint the sign on the end of the barn "Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History" because I thought it was cute. It is something I strive to achieve. Yea -- I could have hung out with Susan B Anthony and Rosa Parks.

I also enjoy sharing the little delights of my life. I like having friends that don't shake their heads when I have 8 bushels of tomatoes to can. You guys say "Only 8 bushels? I have 15 bushels on the porch right now." I can say ABin5 and everyone knows what I mean!! I don't feel alone.

We talk of the important things of life .... handmade soap, the sounds of spring, baby bumps on ewes. We look at the moon, smell the rain and watch for little green shoots of happiness in the garden. And no one laughs at us. I love my blogging friends!!

So I get great delight in 1) Seeing that people read this little blog. 2) That they take note of it.

Yesterday, I somehow stumbled on this. First of all -- thank you for such a nice note. But secondly -- How cool is it that we can connect this way over the web???? I tell ya .... I love blogging!!!

And one quick note on the future barn quilt for the potting shed. Jill hit the perfect one.... actually, she linked two perfect ones!! But I'm not sure about my taping skills for this one. Can I tape in a circle??? Let alone two circles?? Honey says no. He has seen my painting skills. Lots of drips, lots of runs, lots of errors.

And finally ...... I am currently seeking an audition with Rice Krispies cereal. The sound effects that are coming from my spinal column would be perfect for any of their commercials!!! I would soak in the whirlpool but I'm not certain if I would ever get out!!! Six gardens cleaned -- only 20 --21 gardens to go! I can do this!!! By the time I reach garden #15 -- the sound effects will be gone!!

So ... Mr. Ad Agency for Rice Krispies ........... call me fast!!


BlueGate said…
Cathy, I'm with you on the amazing sense of community and friendship that can develop around a blog. What a treat to have "front-porch neighbors" all across the country.

I'm so tickled that I could help you find a new quilt block...can't wait to see it on your potting shed. (in person would be nice, but I'll settle for a pic).
Barn Quilter said…
Hi Cathy, Thank you for leaving me a note on my blog. I would like to suggest an alternative place to pose the circle problem. I have started a social networking site at, and it is partly about sharing the unique problems that Barn Quilting presents... so that we can all share in the solution. I am sure that I can come up with a suggestion (good or bad), but there are many that are more experienced and talented than I am.

Best wishes and good luck,
eagleeyes said…
The circle issue... I've seen quilt patterns that give the illusion of circles but with straight lines. Maybe that would work.
Or my hubby says that masking tape should stretch enough to do an arch. That's why it has a crepe texture.
Or you might just have to SLOW DOWN a bit and hand paint the circles. If your anything like me, which I think you are, that's not going to be easy. Who wants to slow down?? We want our barn quilt done - NOW!!

Thanks Bruce for sharing the website. Already signed up!


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