Green things... Fuzzy things ... Bright things!

It's time to get back to the really important stuff that makes up my so-called life!!! Green things, fuzzy things and bright things!!

Let's do cute first!!! Ok -- the other day there was Craig's Listing for 3 bantams hens. Two cuckoo silkies and one black silky. Well -- I've been wanting some bantams and these are almost 4 monthes old. No heat lamps -- on regular laying mix -- and reasonably priced.

I responded to the post and got a very hestitant email back. "Do you have chickens? Are you familiar with bantams? We want them to go to a good and permanent home". Aaaah. My kind of people-- they weren't going to send them home with the first person that called.

I sent my website address -- the link that shows my Animal Welfare Approved status and a short note. FIVE minutes later -- I get an email back.... "You can have the bantams! We know you. You are a friend of Sheepie Neighbor!"

It's nice having friends in high places!!!

So these are my new babies!!! Cute, huh??? The black silkie is Cruella DeVille. And the middle one ......... crows. Three hens???? I'm thinking ..... not so much!!!!

The day was beautiful .... sunny and relatively warm. So I hit the garden with hopes of getting one bed cleaned. I decided to work on the herb garden. Not a huge garden but about 50'x8'. It is bordered with lamb's ears .... nice border but easily overwhelms the rest of the garden. The ground is still has ice in areas that don't get the direct sun. So this was a starting point. But look what I found!!!!
Oregano ..........................

They aren't the beautiful crocus and daffodils that I have been seeing on the web....... but they are green!!

And finally .... I told you had two more barn quilts painted and ready to go. So here they are.
This one is "Double Pinwheel" and is in the herb garden.
And this is "Hens and Chicks" and resides on the side of the chicken coop ..... appropriately enough. One more to go ..... but I am stumped so any suggestions would be appreciated. It is going on the side of the potting shed.......... flower theme would be good.

It was a wonderful day ..... from meeting my sorority sister Karen, an former co-worker Joyce , and my friend AnnaBelle from my home town... all at the Freight House Market. I then got to bury my head is Sheepie Neighbor's glorious fleece. (I missed shearing!!) And we will finish off the day with linguine with pesto and portabella mushrooms. And yes, Leslie .... the recipe will follow!!!!

And oh ..... the first picture. That's just Izzie being cute! It was that kind of day!!


melanie said…
Oh, those Silkies are too cute! We have a little white Silkie hen, and they're the only bantam I would gladly take more of. Forget the eggs - they are too much fun in the barnyard...
Carol said…
I didn't know that cumin was caraway ground up, did you? The goulash over here tastes of caraway, mildly, but the recipe calls for cumin. The translation for cumin and caraway is the same in the Hungarian dictionary. What do you think? I love seeing those first peaks of anything green poking through the ground! Do you carry your camera with you when you go out to work in the garden? I think the "flower garden" quilt pattern is the one that has octogon shapes put together. Eunice G., my neighbor, could give you some ideas.
clink said…
Carol -- I didn't know that either! I wouldn't have put the tastes together. I'll have to grind caraway and see what it tastes like.

I should have thought of Eunice. I'm a little concerned about drawing octagon shapes but it is always worth a try. If it doesn't work -- I'll paint over it :)

Yea -- I'm learning to carry my camera all the time. Not easy for me and I often forget it. but its fun to have it with if I happen to see something to photograph.
Corinne R. said…
Ohhh, those Silkies are cute! I guess I didn't see them when I was at Jeff's. My name doesn't carry a lot of clout in high society, but hey, if it helps you get chickens....
clink said…
It did, Girlfriend!! Now -- if it could get me a good 10 cent cup of coffee!

Who want to be in high society??? They don't let you in the door with poop on your boots!
BlueGate said…
The barn quilts are wonderful!!! One more reason to have 'barn envy'!
How about "Corn & Beans" for your potting shed
"Daisy Star"
"Dogtooth Violet"
eagleeyes said…
Ahhh, I see that you have the barn quilt bug! Nope nope nope, not just one for you either. LOL

BTW, I love your quote on your barn. Sounds like my sister and I. We resemble that quote. Life is too short to be well-behaved. More interesting things to be doing.


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