I am a dirty girl!!!

I love this time of year!!! I love the freshness of spring and the promise it offers. This year .... my garden will be perfect!! There will be no weeds. My Black Knight Scabiosa will stand beautifully. And I will get 3 cuttings of larkspur and my lisanthus will bloom in June. Rain will fall gently on Mondays only (I am closed on Mondays) and it will be the perfect one inch of rain!

Today .... it was well over 60 degrees and beautiful sunshine was everywhere. In town -- I saw a gal in a tank top and flip-flops. But on top of my hill -- I still needed a sweatshirt in the wind. I got my fingers in the dirt .... I cleaned another small garden. It is ready for fertilizer and mulch. Peeking under the dead leaves and debris were the bright green tips of the daylilies. My knees were muddy and muck was stuck to my polka-dotted boots. I am in my glory!!! I could never be happier than in the spring.............. with the promise of new gardens.

I have worked for my good friend Greenhouse Gwen in years past ...... we trade my labor for her plants. It works out better for me than her............ I drool on the plants a lot!!!

At the greenhouse ..... things are small little specks of green at the moment. Everyday, she fills the germination chamber with new treasures. I delight in seeing the tiny leaves push their way out of those little seeds.

My favorite is cabbage. I have no idea why......... they look like tiny dust bunnies and I have plenty of those at home. But look!!!
Each of the cells are approximately 1/2 inch square. In a couple of weeks we will be transplanting the cabbage into 4 packs. But now ....... and for a very few days...... they are tiny fuzzy creatures.

For the next few weeks ........... I'll be taking two showers a day. My jeans will be stain-sticked and soaked and washed on "Heavy". My fingers will be scrubbed raw. My nails will be ragged and dirty. My boots will be muddy. My hair will be naturally wind-blown!!! I will eat my lunch with grimy hands and track in mud on the kitchen floor. I am a dirty girl.

But my soul will be refreshed................ and hopes of the perfect gardens will live in my dreams. For it is Spring........... and all things are possible in Spring.


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