I feel like Tigger!!!!!

I am jumping and jumping for joy and excitement!!!!

Ok -- I will calm down.........maybe.

I just got a phone call from Des Moines. Meredith Corporation and Midwest Living Magazine. (Ok -- Sit, Cathy. No jumping out of your chair!!!)

Midwest Living Magazine is doing an article on cutting gardens in the May issue. And they are listing little ol' Miss Effie's at the end of the article as a place that you can buy cut flowers. Now -- I know its a little blurb. But its a little blurb!!!!

My first national exposure!!!

I'm excited!!! Can you tell???


girlwithasword said…
WONDERFUL!!!!! Be ready....you may be very busy!!! :)
melanie said…
BlueGate said…
How exciting! Congrats : )
You DESERVE to be excited -- and to be "exposed"! Congratulations!
Corinne R. said…
Oh no, Miss Effie exposed! Why didn't you call me with this info!!?? Congrats!
clink said…
Sheepie -- Don't worry! I'll keep my clothes on. Wouldn't want the news of an exposed Miss Effie to hit the feed store.

Seriously, I'm surprised you didn't hear me scream!!
Claire said…
FABulous! I'm so excited for you!
Farm-Raised said…
This is wonderful!!! I'm so happy this little corner of goodness will be given some national attention.

Can I just say that I'm not at all surprised?? I just wish I would have been the one to pitch it!! hee hee!!!

take care!!!!
clink said…
Leslie -- Keep pitching!! This is a tiny tiny blurb with no pics. Besides -- maybe BHG??? I might as well dream big??

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