Maybe I should be Amish.........

Ok -- I haven't been doing anything worthwhile lately. It seems I have become addicted to Pandora (internet radio) and I have trouble walking away from it.

But I have had one little project. I LOVE the giant quilt blocks painted on barns. I have decided that I needed one........ so Sunday after church, I started one.

There are so many fantastic quilt patterns, it was hard to choose. But this one fit the bill -- Goose Tracks. A poultry reference so I was happy.

I need to do a little touch-up but I am out of yellow paint -- I'll pick some up tomorrow when I'm in town. I love the colors and the large graphic design.

It will go up on the barn on Thursday or Friday .... weather permitting. And since I have a potting shed and a chicken coop with expanses of blank walls...... they will get smaller blocks. I think the customers that come to the farm will appreciate them.

I founded Miss Effie's based on the history of a farm wife's work..... the veggies, flowers, making jam, hanging clothes out on the line, canning, selling eggs, knitting, spinning. Every day tasks for a farm wife at the turn of the century. And what could be more symbolic of the pieces of a farm wife's life than a quilt?

Yea ....... there will be more blocks to come.


BlueGate said…
Love the quilt block! It will look so fabulous on your barn!
I totally understand about the Pandora addiction...I'm right there with you. What are we going to do when we have to get back out into the gardens? I don't think my wireless connection will work that far away : )
So what are your favorite stations?
Claire said…
GREAT!! I love it. I presume you are hanging it in a diamond form, right? I mean, so that the square is tilted 45 degrees. I would like to do one of those for our barn this summer, but I haven't decided on colors yet. I'm not going to go look at Pandora. It sounds dangerous and I have no spare time.
Those will be absolutely PERFECT; can't wait to see photos of them up!

And if you were Amish you would have to give up Pandora....
clink said…
Jill -- I know!! I've been looking at laptops. I have very eclectic music tastes... even Honey says its bizarre.

Claire -- I think I'm going to hang it square as that will fit better on the area I have. But we will see. But others will be hung on the diagonal.

I will be using the same colors on others --but mix them up a lot. I'll show you as I go along.

Michelle -- yea. No Pandora. No blogging. No twitter. I'll just keep things as they are!
Corinne R. said…
That is way cool. I must come up and see it in person.
girlwithasword said… did we live before it?!

LOVE THE QUILT BLOCKS! now I want some. beautiful..
eagleeyes said…
Great quilt block!! Love the color combo. You do know that barn quilts are addictive, right? Jut like potato chips can't just have one. LOL
I now have two on my barn shaped garage. A 4' and an 8'. I've also painted an 8' for my parents. I have two 4' ones my studio almost done for the arts council that I'm part of and 4' that needs to be started. Whew!
Keep up the great work!!

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