Too much energy!

I hate bad weather days in the spring! And yesterday was one of the worst on the west bank of the Mississippi. We got rain. We got sleet. We got ice. We got snow. And to top it all off -- we got wind. Must have been a meteorologist's dream! But for us flower farmers...... it was a nightmare!

All I wanted to do was work in the garden -- organize seating areas -- re-decorate some areas. Basically, a Miss Effie's spring cleaning day. Instead ........... I got the above-stated weather event.

So ........... I cooked. And baked. And added to the lbs. that I put on this winter!!!!

I started out with the typical loaf of ABin5 bread. Four, maybe 5 days a week, I bake bread. Nothing new. Then I made yogurt. Then the lbs-packers began. I made apple crisp. I made orange-cranberry biscotti.This was after shaping and its first bake. I really like this recipe..... nice flavor, not as dry as some biscotti. It's from one of my favorite cookbooks ....... Hay Day Country Market Cookbook.

Then (I'm sorry, egg-customers!) I used some of our eggs. One of my favorite egg customers picked up eggs on Friday and mentioned that she was going to make a quiche. Quiche. I love quiche. I have not made quiche in ages!!

So quiche was what was on the supper table. I found a savory pie crust recipe that called for fresh herbs but since my chives, oregano, and caraway were under several inches of ice and snow by that time .......... I used dried. A little local spinach, some local cheese, my fresh eggs and lots of mushrooms .... supper was delicious! The savory crust was nice with the quiche. I'll do that again.

And finally .......... to use just a bit more of my pent-up energy........ I washed a fleece. Now -- I have no idea what kind of fleece this is. Sheepie Neighbor's shearer dropped off a bunch of fleeces to her. These were from last year's shearing and the sheep's owner doesn't want them. Sheepie gave me two and I'm going to try to do something with them.

I started out by washing them in the tub. YUCK!! Two washes -- three rinses...... My 50 gallon hot water heater had a tough time keeping up!!!!
Then I put the fleece in a pillowcase ... ran it through the wool cycle on the washer (without soap) and then did an extra spin to get all the moisture out.

The fleece has a nice crimp but is fairly short. I did a little carding with a small section that had dried nicely. I'll keep working on it. I'm not certain how it is going to turn out. I'll let you know.

So all my energy was used up. And it was Earth Hour yesterday. Every one was to turn off their lights at 8:30 pm for one hour. That was easy ....... cuz it was lights out for me by 8pm!!!


BlueGate said…
Have I mentioned recently that I wish we lived closer?
: )
Corinne R. said…
I am glad that Honey survived, and apparently enjoyed the quiche. Sounds yummy to me!
I am not surprised that it took a lot of hot water to clean those fleeces! I hope you can get something usable out of them.
Is that biscotti recipe one you could share with us? I have a recipe I like, but wouldn't mind comparing the two.
clink said…
Michelle -- I will post the recipe later. I really like this one -- lots of flavor.
Farm-Raised said…
BTW -- The quiche was a huge success. I believe this was in thanks to your eggs! My friends (who I was cooking for) couldn't get over the beautiful, colorful eggs!! Thanks!

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