Trying to be nice to Honey..........

I was told the other day that I should be nicer to Honey. Yea ... I admit it. I work Honey pretty hard. He has a longer to-do list than the President's economic team. But he has taken that "little"
comment ....... and ran with it!! I've heard "you should be nicer to me" for a week now!!! Yep -- he really liked the comment!!!

I worked at Retail-Hell 4 out of 5 days last week so suppers were slow cooker meals, quick pasta dishes, salad .......... easy stuff. Not marathon cooking events.

But Thursday ........ I hit the kitchen. Hard. I baked bread. Yea ... that's a given. About 5 times a week I bake bread. Then I made noodles. If there are noodles eaten in this house -- they are now homemade. (wasn't like that BC -- before chickens!) Then --- the main marathon event.

Short ribs in wine sauce with onions and mushrooms. I love short ribs. But short ribs have 2 major drawbacks. They are 1) VERY fatty and 2) take a long time to get melt-in-your-mouth tender.

I'd post a recipe -- but I combined 2 or 3 from -- added herbs and spices we like -- a few extra veggies. Yea -- I just winged it!!!!

But my major tip -- brown the short ribs in a 450 degree oven for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. You will be amazed how much fat is there!! Then add the marinade or sauce and cook slowly in the oven. I cooked them another 7 hours at 300 degrees and they really could have gone longer.

But they were rich and yummy and delicious over homemade noodles. And I was nice to Honey. Now can I have a nut roll???


hiccupp said…
haha :) I vote you've earned it. Heck the 4 days of retail hell earned it. I need one too, as I get ready to go in later on here...

and I LOOOOOVE homemade noodles. I've finally made them enough where I've got it down and they come out nicer than they used to :)

course now my stupid 'low-glycemic diet' and me and noodles...and nut rolls...don't get to hang out nearly as often. :p So I just read your blog to get my fix :)
Corinne R. said…
I suppose that deserves a nut roll...I am sure Honey will let me know if you have a relapse.

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