Barn Quilt.............

TA-DA!!!!! The latest and the last barn quilt is painted and up on the potting shed. Which looks like it needs a new paint job too!!! Well --- maybe this summer.

The quilt block is Dogtooth Violet. Perfect for the potting shed of a flower farm. A big thanks to Jill for suggesting it. I really like it. Now ..... to show them all off to all our customers.

Hope to see you all soon!


Barn Quilter said…
You have done a great job, and I love the name "Dogtooth Violet". I hope that there are many more that start appearing in your neighborhood. I also hope that I can post the image on my blog (with your permission)

Best Wishes
Would love to see it rotated 45 degrees!
Dan Mays said…
Mentioning Dogtooth Violets ...

These (also called Trout Lily - Erythronium albidum)are just now starting to come up. With the warm weather expected this week, they should be in bloom in a week or two -- THIS weekend, if we are lucky. If you get a chance at all, check out your local woodlands.


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