Can you tell we are all busy???

It's been pretty quiet in blog-land. I have decided that most of us farm girls are just too busy to blog. There are reasons.
Mt. Mulch arrived. I have broken it in to two deliveries this year. This is 28 yards. To have the full 50-60 yards of mulch sitting here, was just too depressing!!! We would scoop and scoop and scoop and the mountain would still be there!

Ok -- I've got to fly. And crack the whip ........... notice, Honey is just standing there! That just won't do it!


BlueGate said…
Oh...Honey doesn't look very excited at the impending chore. Good luck!
I'm with you, I figure if I can manage to update the blog once a week right now, I'm doing good. Maybe tomorrow : )

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