If you see her...............

This is our eldest daughter, Jill. Jill is working full-time and going to college full-time. She has an amazing amount of friends and she seems to gather more where ever she goes.

She is funny and smart and witty. I love this girl!!!!

Jill chose me to be her step-mom. I am certain there were moments she wanted to throw me back. But she stuck with me ..... training me all the time!!!

I had been single for a very long time. And I had decided that the best place for me to live was a convent. Never mind the fact that I was Presbyterian!! A convent looked like the right place.

I had told Jill that all men are toads. She quickly informed me that her dad was not a toad. And with a little prodding, she set Honey and I up for our first date.

I could go into all the details of our first date. The fact that Jill took her Dad out to buy just the right clothes. And I thought he looked great on our second date with a pair of jeans and a plaid flannel shirt!!!

And I won't mention the part that we were at the little Italian restaurant for 3 hours................. and Jill cruised the parking lot over and over and over again. Fortunately, we were near the mall -- so she could make a quick trip into the Gap before the chef called the police about someone stalking their restaurant!!!!

Nope --- I won't tell you any of that.

I will just tell you ........ that Jill is the light of her Dad's life. Jill makes a room sparkle. Jill is an amazing daughter............... and I'm glad she chose me.

But if you see her................... wish her "Happy Birthday!"


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