It's here!!!!!!

Yes!! The May/June 2009 issue of Midwest Living Magazine is here. And if you can't guess, I am excited!

I need to know Carolyn Faught of Omena Cut Flowers in Michigan. We could be soul sisters. I love everything she says about her farm........... "Gathering bouquets are far more than filling a vase. It's good for the soul."

How true!!!

The pictures are beautiful -- I love the simplicity of her farm. It is obvious that her farm and ours have a lot in common. Many different varieties...... lots of places to sit and relax. But she has 150 ' of Lake Michigan shoreline!! How wonderful!!!

And I got to share in her wonderful article. So thank you, Carolyn and Midwest Living Magazine. It is a lovely article and Honey and I are thrilled to be in such wonderful company.

It's a good thing it is raining. I am much too excited to work!!!!


jillwaukee said…
Seriously awesome. Way to go!!!! I will be picking up a copy this week.

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