Marketing small business................

When you own a small business, advertising dollars are hard to find. I have tried newspaper and television. Unfortunately, the return on both has been small for the expense. An advertising campaign in our local newspaper requires a commitment of $1600 per year.

That's 160 buckets of flowers!!! I sell a lot of flowers but that's a lot more than 2% of my gross sales. (average advertising budget figure for retail)

Fortunately for me -- what I do is considered odd-duck, weird, crazy to the media and most members of my family!!! So periodically, I drop an email somewhere in media-land and see what happens.

A couple of years ago, Meredith Corporation developed a small magazine for small-scale farms called Living the Country Life. Sort of a spin-off of Successful Farming, Living the Country Life focuses on small 2-10 acre farms......... also known as hobby farms. They realized that this is the fastest growing group of farmers in the nation. And most of them, are women over 50!! Love that!!!

So -- I dropped an email to Betsy Freese -- the editor. And I got this lovely note back.

Betsy, if you are reading this, Honey and I would love to have you visit. Cookies and lemonade will be in the corn-zebo for you. I'll even let you try your hand at the spinning wheel!!


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