Retail-Hell and 6 year old behavior.

OK -- you all know that I work retail during the winter to pay for my "eating" habit. Yea -- I know. I've tried to give it up but have yet to succeed.

I like my job. I like my co-workers. I like my boss. I like my boss's boss. And ninety-nine percent of the time, I like our customers.

Yesterday was different.

First of all, I work at a high-end discount/close-out store. We receive limited merchandise when we run an ad. No -- we do not have 17,437 patio umbrellas in our little store for $39.99. We received less than a dozen.

Disclaimer .... we are the little people. We don't decide the price -- the quantity -- the colors. We just unload them off the semi and put them on the shelf.

Nor do we decide how many people will stand in line in front of a locked door at 7:30 am to buy the silly things. Yea .... welcome to Wal-Mart Mentality the day after Thanksgiving!!!!! We had 20 -- maybe 25 --people standing in line to buy stuff!

So we limit the ultra-popular patio umbrellas to one per person. One of our regular customers brought two up to the register. I told her "one per person" and she graciously handed it to the woman behind her.

Then Evil Bitch said "I was in line before you! I want it! It should be mine!" I stood there -- stupid to that kind of behavior at 8 am. People don't act that way over flowers so I was dumb-founded! And she bullies the very kind nice woman into giving it to her!!!!!

Evil Bitch shops around for a while and comes up to my register. I ring up the umbrella and tells her that she owes me $42.39. "No, I don't. They are $19.99". "No, I'm sorry. They are $39.99 -- the sign is right over there." Evil Bitch wants to see the advertisement. I show her the ad, the sign and say "That's ok -- I'll just do a void. I'm certain someone else will want it".

No ........ Evil Bitch wants it for $19.99, but will pay $39.99. And she did.

But I have her name (Love credit cards!!!) ........ and know her outrageous behavior. Stuff is not worth it! We are not put on this earth, just to accumulate stuff. And obviously, for Evil Bitch, that is what life is all about.

Selfish, childish behavior and greed are the causes of our current economic struggles. My last post was about being a good neighbor and being a good friend. I wanted to shout it out all morning! We have hundreds of thousands of people, struggling to eat every day, to find a warm place to sleep, trying to find work. And then -- we have those that who's life purpose is to get a patio umbrella for $39.99.

Easter is fast approaching. Maybe she will go to church on Sunday ............. and this time, really listen.


Dan Mays said…

Some time I will have to explain to you the immense satisfaction that can be gained by aggressively applying a wire brush to tender areas of people like that. It is really quite an effective motivational technique!

BlueGate said…
Whenever I encounter people like that I grit my teeth and think to myself "Someday the great bird of karma will fly over his/her head and drop a LOAD!"
Somehow this makes me feel better : )

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