Say Cheeeese.......... take two!!!

OK -- my adventures in cheese making seem to be progressing. Today I made mozzarella again for tonight's homemade pizza. Again, I used this tutorial. I have decided that I like the cheese better without the salt. The moment I knead the salt in --- I get a "gray-ish" product, not as smooth and creamy and white as before.

I have been using sea salt -- if someone has a suggestion, I would gladly accept it!!!

I do like making cheese. I had read this tutorial about making ricotta from the whey left over from making mozzarella. Hey --- duo use milk!!!! I like this!!!

So I set about to make ricotta. Actually, I have spent the afternoon questioning that decision. I really wasn't certain I was going to get any cheese. But after letting it drain away -- I got this.
Its about 3/4 cup of ricotta. Not a lot. But I didn't waste anything and that was good!!! And it should be enough to make some spinach lasagna roll-ups for supper tomorrow night.

The taste is good. The texture is good. And it was definitely worth the limited time it took. Ya heat the whey to 200 degrees and throw in a glug of vinegar........... yea, its really that simple.

Ok -- back to the pizza. The roasted mushrooms and peppers are calling me.


BlueGate said…
I always used sea salt (non-iodized) in my cheese-making, not sure why it would give you trouble. Maybe try a different grain size?

The ricotta is beautiful! And your lasagna wraps sound delicious!
I loved to make whey-ricotta (or scrap ricotta as I called it) though I would sometimes add a little whole milk if I had extra, it greatly increases your yield. Fresh bread with fresh ricotta, pesto and fresh tomatoes was one of our favorite summer-time suppers in Texas.
clink said…
Jill -- I wonder if I'm putting the salt in at the wrong time. I've been doing it at the very end. And I hadn't thought of grain size. I have to admit -- it was amazing on the pizza.

I read about adding some more milk to it. I'll have to try it. The taste is great!!

Supper should be good -- we have local fresh spinach and with a little garlic and finely chopped mushrooms and home canned spaghetti sauce. I'm hungry already!!!!
girlwithasword said…
My "things to try" list gets longer and longer every time I ready our blog, Clink. You are such an inspiration!

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