She'll have Fun, Fun Fun ........... or the social commentary of seeing the music you grew up with!

This time of year, I'm a little stressed. A little crabby. A little .......well, you should talk to Honey for more descriptive terms.

This time of year -- there is way too much to do. I have two part-time jobs, 30-plus gardens to clean, garden furniture to clean and re-build, and the contents of half of semi full of mulch is sitting in my driveway .... waiting to be spread. And that's a normal year.

This year has been anything but normal! Next week, I have a market gig, three presentations, 2 days of scheduled work, flower plugs start arriving, the mulch gets dumped and there is this little thing called taxes that have to be done! And yesterday, a customer drove out from the Quad-Cities looking to see what was in bloom. Yea. There are no flowers blooming in your yard but I should have flowers???? I'm not that good.

But I get an email from a fellow flower farmer, just down I-80. She had won tickets to the Beach Boys concert in Moline and couldn't go. Would I like the tickets??

I jumped on them! I needed a break! I needed to smell the roses!!

Then the reality rears its ugly head ............ I need to plant the roses!!!

But Honey and I take off for the concert. We are sitting in our seats when Honey says to me --- "These people look like our parents." "Honey, we look like our parents".

Deborah made the social commentary that the internet belongs to the boomers. Well .... it might. But the fashion industry does not!!!!!!! I saw so many Glamor-don't-s, Mary Quant is spinning!!!!! (But I do now know where all the vintage fashions are!) So dishing out dubious fashion tips will be moi'............. I know. That in its self is scary!

OK -- first fashion-don't ............... If you wore it the first time, don't wear it now. Varicose veins and mini skirts don't go together. The blues clashed!

2) Hawaiian/ surfer shirts were meant to be un-tucked. They don't go with belts. And jeans are a better choice than Dockers. And please don't button the top button.

3) If your waist measurement is larger or anywhere close to your bust measurement ...... forget about mid-drift tops. 'Nuff said!!!!!

4) I thought it was sweet for Grandpa to bring his little granddaughter to the concert. But the look-alike ponytails ........... Not so much!!!!

5) I saw a gal dressed in "Surfer" attire. Pony-tail, cut-offs, surfer shirt and flip-flops. The Glamor-don't??? Her cane did not match her flip-flops. And she might have wanted to go for the spray-on tan this time of year!!

6) And finally. There are lots of people out there that need to take the Detrol challenge!!! Back and forth, back and forth and never a second beer!!!!!!!!!!!

So enough of the fashion tips ......... I will post more about the Beach Boys and the opening act later.

But Honey and I saw what life will be at the home in 25 years................ and Honey, it ain't pretty!!!!!! But it does sound pretty good.


What a hoot, Miss Clink! But I don't think the young have a handle on fashion sense, either. I see some teenagers and 20-somethings with blubber oozing out between their low jeans and their short, tight tops and wonder, "Who told them that looks sexy???"
Deborah said…
Hilarious! I think you're well qualified to hand out fashion advice. I agree with all of it. And Michelle is right about 20-somethings not having a great fashion sense either.

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