This is not my garden.......................

I saw this bit of a garden yesterday when we were coming home from church. And the image of the garden bothered me all night.

Today, I couldn't help but drive by and take a photograph. "No Trespassing". As I looked at the sign and the garden against the fence, all I could think about was a poem by Edwin Markham, Outwitted.

He drew a circle that shut me out-- Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in!

Gardens, like hearts, should be open to all. A thing to be shared ....... to be cherished ........ to be loved.

I have a lot of flower farmers ask me about my u-pick. "How can you let kids just cut flowers?" "What if they cut the flower wrong?" "Doesn't bother you to have people walking anywhere and everywhere through your gardens?"

Yes....... kids can cut my flowers. They learn respect for nature, they learn how a snapdragon can roar or how to make a hollyhock doll. But most of all, they learn joy.

Really.......... how can you cut a flower wrong? What will happen if you do?? So maybe the stem becomes a little wonky ....... maybe it doesn't grow as tall as it might have........ maybe it dies. I will plant more. And maybe the next one will be prettier yet.

I walk through my garden early in the morning -- looking at that day's blossoms. And I am happy. At that point -- it is my privilege and honor to share that happiness with others. Let them experience the peace, the serenity, the joy. And I move on.

I found it disturbing that "No Trespassing" can't see beyond the fence. When we shut others out --- we don't hurt them, we hurt ourselves.

We live in times that we need our neighbors. We must share our goods, our talents and our time. There may be some that don't deserve our efforts --- we can not focus on that. We must focus on making a difference in one person's life.

So for today -- a cloudy, gloomy day in Iowa --- smile. Spread joy. Be kind. Help another. And don't let a "no trespassing" sign in the garden of your heart.


Shari said…
What a great post! I completely share your sentiments - and I love Outwitted by Edwin Markham. Have known that poem since I was little. Always loved that idea of drawing a great big circle that takes everyone in!!

So you have a flower farm - sounds wonderful! Years ago, I bought a book called The Flower Farmer and read it and dreamed. Never got much past the dreaming stage. Maybe someday . . . But I do enjoy growing lots of flowers for myself!!
melanie said…
So, for those of us too far from your place to cut wonky stems...tell us what kinds of flowers you are planting this year....
corinne said…
Great post!
Those daffodils and half-dead evergreens really warrant putting up a no trespassing sign....especially one that is attached by floppy duct tape!
clink said…
Shari --- Welcome!! I love that poem too.......kept thinking about it when I saw the sign.
The Flower Farmer is my bible for gardening. I've worn out one copy and I'm on my second. And I haven't gotten the new edition!

Melanie -- I'll do a post in a couple of days about the varieties. The word at the moment is LOTS. Right now -- I have 375 lisianthus and I have 125 in the ground. Much too wet to plant.
And 1250 more plugs coming on Thursday --- along with more rain!!!

Hey Sheepie! Can you believe that?? Love the duct tape!!! Yep -- the things you find in Iowa's most exciting city!!!!

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