Addiction ............ part one. Tuftee's Garden

Ok -- As every one knows by now, I have a bit of a problem. I love plants. Lots and lots of plants. You know that I plant about 6000 annuals every year in the gardens. But I also plant lots of containers to sit throughout the gardens. I'm down a bit this year but one year, I planted over 90. I haven't counted this year.

And to buy my container plants ..... I go to little family-owned rural greenhouses. Cuz I'm little and rural!! No -- those neighborhood greenhouses have better service, people that know their plants and their products and my dollars stay here locally to help another family.

So you are getting a tour of some of my favorite rural greenhouses. Today's its Tuftee's Greenhouse in rural McCausland, IA. McCausland is a little town on the northeast corner of Scott County IA. You can get to McCausland from old Rt. 61 or from Rt. 67. And just a little note of history -- William Cody (aka Buffalo Bill) was born down the road from the greenhouse.

Linda and Dan Tuftee also sell their products at the Freight House Farmers Market and the new East Moline Farmers Market. So here are some pictures of their greenhouse. They have a great selection of annuals. And they are one of the few people that I know that raise calla lilies in pots for home gardeners. They have a wonderful variety of colors.

At my latest venture -- I bought a citrus supertunia from Proven Winners. Look at this deep rich yellow color.So take a leisurely drive to McCausland and go to 510 N Cody Ave. Not sure if you can findMcCausland? Call 563-225-2352 and they will walk you through the directions. Tell Linda that Miss Effie sent you.

And just to entice you just a little bit more..........................
Pretty, yes??????


jillwaukee said…
As in Linda Tuftee the high school nurse? She was awesome!
clink said…
You got it! That Linda.

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