A couple of posts ago -- I talked about my need for a bay tree to match the plate that I had found at the thrift store. A few days later .... I receive an email from my friend Linda Tuftee. She had a surprise for me....... she grows bay trees. So I was gifted with this wonderful bay tree.

I have never cooked with fresh bay. (Hey! I live in Iowa .... not the south of France!!) Linda told me that the flavor is so superior to dried bay. One sniff and I am certain of that!!! So I am waiting for time to cook something wonderful with it!!

But at this point -- I am not praying for a rainy day to do it!! I will happily wait out the dry spell!!
It is a 3 year old plant. Doesn't it look pretty tucked in among the chives??

And a quick .......ahhhhhh! moment. George and her 3 kittens. We are pretty certain that Dad is Right .... or Left.... or it could be both!!! So the kittens were named after Quarks. Up, Down and Charmed. At this point -- I have no idea what a quark is. I will leave that to Honey.

I just think they are cute.

Miss Effie is busy in the garden. Hopefully, we will be opening soon. I will try to stay in touch!


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