Herbies, Herby!!

This is part of my herb garden. I really like the garden. Its about 40 feet long and 8 feet deep. It backs up to our neighbors' privacy fence.

Now you know how I hate privacy fences. Personally, I think they destroy the sense of community. Secondly, if you want a division of property lines, a picket fence or split rail fence is much more inviting. I wasn't given the choice.

But in the end, the Great Wall of China -- as I call it -- has become a great backdrop to some new gardens. And I will accept it as that.

Back to the herb garden --- its on year number 3. And as always in gardening. I've learned a lot.
Notice the border. I wanted a border of lamb's ears.... stachys. It has always been very well-behaved in my garden.........till now!! WOW!!! It is one happy little plant. It would take over the whole garden if I would let it.
It's hard to find vertical elements sometimes. And even though we have several shrubs in the herb garden -- it needs other things to soften the fence. One day -- along our gravel road -- some one dumped the remains of an wooden swing set. The ladder is now a trellis for this fast growing clemetis. We will see how fast it grows this year.
Another great find were these William-Sonoma cocktail plates. I found them at a thrift store -- this one is tarragon. Its now a plant marker. I have thyme and bay also. But I need a bay plant!!!!!!
Chives are some of my favorite herbs. Well -- that and the fact that when the chives bloom, I can plant my zinnias!!! I think there is good variety ... calendula, basil, rosemary, sage, thyme, lemon verbena, oregano, tarragon,parsley, caraway and dill. I just know there are more things to plant!!!!

And finally -- one of my sensational lilacs. Appropriately named Sensation. Not as heavy scented as the wonderful old lilacs in the garden but ......... oh so pretty!!!!!! Not an herb --- but worth having there!!!


Um, aren't bay plants TREES? That might be a bit more vertical interest -- and shade -- than you were wanting.
clink said…
Yea -- they are. Except in Iowa where they are grown in containers cuz they are too tender for our winters.

IF I could possibly get one to winter over in my house (water and heat issue, you know) it might get to be 4' tall!

Most likely -- it would be 6-8" tall and then die.
girlwithasword said…
wow, that IS a fantastic lilac!

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