Interviewing with the Wall Street Journal........

Who would have thunk it????

Well -- definitely not my mother!!! But I digress!

It started with my friend Ed. Ed had been contacted by Roger Thurow, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Thurow was interested in the use of EBT cards (formerly known as food stamps) at Iowa farmers markets.

He was curious to see why the increase in EBT card use and what markets were doing to promote and help the consumer. It was to start as a brief phone interview. Well -- give Ed a chance with a reporter!!!!! Ed is extremely knowledgeable and has all his facts (unlike my ducks!) in a row!!!

So it wasn't long before Mr. Thurow was on a roadtrip to Iowa!

After a tour of Nostalgia Farms, a walk-through the Tuesday night market, and a couple of other interviews...... he was ready to talk to Miss Effie.

I was included because of the canning and preserving classes that I have been lucky enough to teach at the market. We talked about the need to educate and to encourage home preservation. The fact that anyone still canned was almost inconceivable to him!!! I tried to explain to him about my corner of the world where Greenhouse Gwen, Sheepie Neighbor and I are always sweating it out in the kitchen in August!!!

But also, we discussed that we have two generations that haven't learned to cook. Spaghetti sauce is in a jar labeled "Ragu" and macaroni and cheese only comes in a blue box! So besides teaching how to can and preserve the foods consumers buy at the market -- we need to teach ease in preparation and how to use what you have preserved. Many of us can the fun things ....... jams, chutneys, salsas. But when you are trying to feed a family -- you need the basics.

We also talked about our up-coming homemade baby food class and how a young mother could stretch her EBT and WIC payments by using products available at the market to feed her infant.

Hunger in America is something we don't want to see. But its there. And its on the face of many children. And there is nothing more American, than our local farmers feeding the hungry.

So if you have been blessed with a full pantry and would like to help with our local cause at the Freight House Farmers Market, this is what you can do........

1) We are looking for canning supplies. We have lots of jars to donate but we need new lids and rings. We are looking for used canners, juicers and jar lifters.

2) We would love donations so that we can purchase the current Ball Blue Books for participants.

3) We are also raising money for baby food grinders. Or if you have one in a box or in the back of a cabinet..... we will make sure it goes to good use.

We won't feed the world......... but maybe we can help with our corner.


Jen said…
Congrats on the article. And your baby food class sounds top notch. I pureed all of my own baby food b/c it was healthy AND affordable. Another gadget you might consider seeking as a donation is an immersion blender. It's my best friend for purees.
clink said…
Jen -- you know who's idea it was, don't you??? That Farm-Raised girl herself!!! I was so honored when she asked me. I never bought one jar of baby food when Daughter was a baby b/c they put so much sugar and salt in it at that time.

Thanks for the suggestion of the immersion blender. That is perfect!

And thanks for becoming my newest egg customer!!!
Farm-Raised said…
Sing it, sister!! I am so glad to hear that the gospel is being spread far and wide. What a great opportunity!!! Well done.

Jen said…
When is your baby food class? I bought a food mill at a garage sale for you today.

Btw - my son loves your eggs!

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