Peep .... peep....peep!!!

A little after 7 this morning, I got a phone call. Without saying "Hello", I asked if I had children at the post office. James, our postmaster, said "Want to talk to the kids?" And all I heard was the sound of very hungry and thirsty babies.

Yep .... the 25 chicks arrived. Actually, 26 but one had not survived the trip from Missouri. And then there were 5 ducklings.

I love ducklings. They are messy!! They slosh water everywhere!!! They spill food!! And they poop constantly. I still love them. We have 2 Anconas, 2 Runners and one crested duck. So if I get lucky -- I could possibly have a crested-runner (Walter clone) in the future. I've been working with them already. This little one can lay on his back quite comfortably!
The chicks this year are just the garden variety of chicks. Nothing very fancy -- just good heavy layers with pretty colors. We have 5 White Brahmas, 5 Barred-Rocks, 5 Buff Orpingtons, 5 Australorps and 5 Aracuanas. So a nice mix of good layers. I love the temperment of the Australorps and the Barred Rocks. Always such easy going hens.

More pictures will follow in the next few days. And we will see how well Honey can train 5 ducklings. Its fun to have them follow you around the kitchen ........ As Honey says, its just little poop!!!

Oh well .......... back to scrubbing the kitchen floor on this rainy day!!!


melanie said…
Ancona ducks - they are awesome! I have been looking for some for three years tell - where did you get them?
clink said…
Melanie -- I got them at Cackle Hatchery in Lebanon MO. There names are Lorax and Lermik. They are very cute!!!!!

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