Planting Mother's Day Greetings.....

It's been a long day with lots of sun, lots of flowers and lots of dirt. I have loved every moment of it!! But the sun has gone to my brain and it is impossible to be clever. So let me leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to work with children, planting flowers for their mother's for a gift. Flowers and pots were donated by Blossom Farms in Fulton, IL and the soil was donated by Allens Grove Greenhouse. This was part of our Mother's Day Tea event at the Freight House Farmers Market.

I had a ball! The kids were so delightful. The little boy above is Oliver...... isn't he serious about planting?

And these two cool dudes were planting flowers on the sly for their moms.

I loved the smiles!!!!
Happy Mothers Day to all moms. And I'll see all my friends at the Freight House on Tuesday evening (3-6pm on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi!!!) And yes Ed, I want some strawberries (Fresh, local, and sweet! The best!!!)


Cindy said…
Hello, what a delightful "diary" you have. I enjoyed it very much. The flowers in the greenhouse are just gorgeous.
Thank-you so much for the comment on my blog, Cathy. My husband is a sole practitioner, too; not often do I get to talk to someone who understands the life! Brian gets to ride with Daddy and likes to do it, but emphatically answers "NO" when people ask him if he's going to be a vet like his dad when he grows up!
clink said…
Cindy -- pop in often. Hopefully more flower stuff in the next couple of months........ cuz that's what we do!!!

Michelle -- I could tell tales about riding with Dad. I was banned from riding with him for a while(I was 4 or so) cuz I was certain Annette Funnicello was in the hog lot. Yea ..... its a long story!!!

And probably the reason for the need for my therapist!!!!!!!

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