Quick Notes.........

There is not a lot of time to blog right now and I seem to have blogger's block. But I do have a couple of quick thoughts to pass along.

I have discovered that publicity is a double-edged sword. Last weekend, we had car after car, pulling into the lane. (Note ..... we have a lane, not a driveway!) People from Des Moines, Dubuque, Nichols, Cedar Rapids. All at least an hour away. Des Moines is three hours away!! GREAT!!!!

But the unfortunate thing is ........... I have no flowers!!! We had a frost warning less than a week ago. I know its a shock -- but flowers don't grow at 30 degrees. This is why we don't have daisies in November in Iowa. Nor do they grow overnight. Yes -- it is now 70 degrees but they need a little time to get used to that. I don't even discuss soil temps!!!!

One woman said "But you were in a magazine. You have to have flowers!" I love the logic. I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. So does that mean I will have money???? Might work!!!!

It could be worse........ I was discussing my weekend with my friend, the Pumpkin Man. They got a phone call last week asking about their corn maze and if it was open. Hmmmm????

I'm thinking agriculture education needs to be a requirement before you can get a high school diploma!!!!

Most of our flowers are planted.... they seem to be hiding in the weeds that have suddenly gone POP!!! Flowers don't grow overnight but it is a botanical fact that weeds do!!! So the hoe and the knee pads have come out! Unfortunately, that means the dust rag and vacuum can not be out at the same time!

Another botanical fact ---- large gardens create dirty houses.

In other news -- Sheepie Neighbor and I hoarded some more chickens. Hey --they met the requirements. They were free. They were pretty. They lay pretty eggs! Only two apiece. Not bad for us. I did get a gold-laced Polish hen named Ava. Picture will follow in a few days. She is very sweet and is settling in nicely but so far, no great pictures.

And one more tidbit ......... canning season is about to begin. (OH NO!! Not nearly-naked-canning!!!!) No -- I will keep my clothes on for these. First jam making class at the Freight House Farmers Market will be June 13th. We will be making strawberry jam a couple of different ways including a freezer jam. And to promote it -- Miss Effie will be on Paula Sands Live on June 11th at 4:30pm. Yea ..... I'm doin' my best to make jammin' hip and cool again!!!

All for now -- some ill-placed lambs quarters are calling me!!!


Carol said…
Don't throw those lambs quarter away - put 'em in your green salad for supper - Yup, WSJ. My brother posted it on FB a day or two ago, so I will try to send it on to you! Your chickens sound too cute. I'm looking forward to the pictures!
corinne said…
Yes, I believe that nearly-naked canning is best as an 'at home' activity only, otherwise Miss Effie's road show is gonna take on a whole new meaning.

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