Top 10 Ways You Can Tell You Are a Market Farmer

10. You wear a stocking cap and long underwear in May.

9. You consider putting them away in June.

8. Your nose has been mistaken for a beacon.

7. You have live poultry living inside your house......... and you don't care.

6. If someone would bring you a cookie while you were working in the garden, you would wipe your hands on your jeans and eat away!!

5.Your hands could be used to re-finish furniture as they feel like 160 grit sandpaper.

4. Your bedtime is 10 minutes after you walk into the house.

3. You measure your plants in feet ..... not number of plants.

2. You haven't heard from the friends that last spring insisted it would be fun to spend a day gardening with you.

And the Number One way to tell that you are a market farmer ..................

1. You have worn a push-up bra to garden cuz its the only thing clean in the drawer!


girlwithasword said…
BlueGate said…
Utterly hysterical and totally true!

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