Breathing ............ again.

As you may have surmised, Honey is the light of my life. There would be no Miss Eff without Honey. He is my whole world. He is the master digger, the mower, the major weeder, my roadie and my biggest fan. He has faith in me ......... when no one else does.

So when the oncologist looked at Honey's yearly CTscan and said "I want you to see your thoracic surgeon.", we both gulped and tried to put everything out of our minds.

You see, six years ago, Honey was diagnosed with stage 1-A lung cancer. Stage 1-A. Less than 1/2 of 1% of all lung cancers are found in stage 1. Let alone stage 1-A.

I had bought Honey a big bag of cashews and he developed a tummy ache. So bad that after several days of Pepto and Tums, he went to the doctor. Fortunately, the doctor said .... "Lets do a cat scan. It will show everything and it isn't invasive". And it was then, when they found the diverticulitis ................... and the lung cancer.

The next two weeks brought doctor appointment after doctor appointment. Lots of "ist-s". Like radiologists and oncologists. And surgery. And a great out-come.

They thought the cancer was back once but through the miracles that are God's alone, it suddenly disappeared as fast as it appeared. Even the oncologist calls it a miracle.

The last 5 years have brought a massive heart attack, two rounds of stent surgery and cardio re-hab. And just to keep me on my toes ..... and because I put my foot down about anything else ..... Honey had cataract surgery last summer!!

And now ...... there is a small aneurysm in the lung. GULP! Lung surgery is pretty major and fairly painful. Been there. Done that. This is my tanned, strong, healthy, happy Honey. Not again!!

But fortunately, the doctor says ..... it is little. Just send school photos every year to see how big it grows.

Yea .......... we are breathing again.


corinne said…
Honey is invincible, he will be just fine :).
Deborah said…
Sorry I'm just trying to catch up on blog reading. Hope Honey is better by now. I know how much I'd miss my Honey. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending hugs your way.

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