Can you believe it????

Yea ....... that bucket of flowers was $7.50!! Why??? Because Heather left a review on Miss Effie's FaceBook fan page. And she is an incredible stuffer of flowers. She has a plan ... what flowers are going where ... what vase she is going to use.

But she was almost out-done by a few others.
That's Anne and grand-daughter Mazie.
Twila picked a beautiful bucket of flowers! I love those pink lilies!! I think they are my favorite. But of course, my favorite changes as the blossoms change in the garden.
This was a very fun delightful group from DeWitt IA. I think DeWitt is one of the neatest small towns in America. And if it wasn't for some great women in DeWitt, I'm not sure if I would still be in business. They supported us every year and picked flowers time and time again.

Patti and her friends came out and had a wonderfully elegant delicious lunch in the corn-zebo. In spite of our "breezy" day!!!!

And look at those bouquets................ HUGE!! And I love it!!!!! That's what Miss Eff's is all about!

And can you believe it???? I still have flowers!


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