I think my socks are in Indiana!

I am totally impressed with people that can multi-task. I can not. Ever. Not even the simplest of things. Currently -- I am having trouble doing laundry and anything else!

I want to be ecologically sound so I hang my laundry on the line as much as possible.

So I hung towels and blankets and Honey's hand-knit socks on the line to dry. And it rained. And they tried to dry again. And it rained again. So I continued to leave them on the line to dry.
And then ......... they went into an unscheduled spin cycle! And a snap and a crackle and a pop! And the clothesline was no more.

So not only are they wet -- wrinkled -- they now are dirty again.

I can't multi-task at all. But I do have a new clothesline!!!


I love clothes lines. That is a good one! My *new* one is a bit shoddy. One day the hubby was mowing and he tore the top of the post off of the clothes line post and never replaced it. So my line was gone.

I was complaining. S now he took some yellow rope and wound it around the posts, including the broken one and I have *new* one. Not much of one though. I am jealous!

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